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Client: Samsung Canada

Deliverables: Premium Wearables Display

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The primary objective of this project was to develop a premium wearables display to showcase the Samsung line of smart watches and wireless headphones. It was critical for the consumer to be able to interact with the devices to get a feel for the quality and functionality. The use of active security solutions helped facilitate the interactivity in an unobstructed manor.

This unit is a true mixed material display. The main structure is powdercoated metal.  A solid surface countertop with product insets ensures even with years of use it will be remain pristine. Metal product inserts allow easy swap out of products.  Backlit, double sided graphic area allows the consumer to easily identify the brand from a distance and is updateable. A millwork storage cabinet seamlessly blends into the design and can be easily removed or placed in another area providing a more open look.

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