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Client: Samsung

Deliverables: Create a durable and easily updateable End Cap program for Costco

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Our primary goal for this end cap program was to develop a piece that can stand up the rigors of retail in a Club format store.  Brand guidelines needed to be strictly adhered to but still accommodate future brand updates without having to replace the entire fixture.  Each unit shipped fully assembled on a custom pallet.  A unique feature is the base skirt/bumpers.  In the Costco environment displays are moved on a regular bases using pump trucks.  Our solution was to affix the skirts using strong magnets that can easily be removed without the need for tools.

Following the trend of using magnets, in the case of Samsung the brand is ever evolving.  The marble printed pvc backer panel is a light efficient facia that is affixed with perimeter mag tap to allow for an easy swap out without any unsightly fasteners.  TV mount is custom and can be easily adjusted to fit up to a 95″ screen.  All wiring and cable management can be accessed through the back by simply removing the magnetically attached PVC Backer.

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