Somerville is taking precautions to protect their workforce while remaining operational as an essential manufacturer. We continue to build products to combat the spread of COVID-19 including clear physical barriers for operating retail businesses and face shields for the health care industry.

Client: DHL

Deliverables: Provide protective barriers throughout Canadian Offices

Turnkey Protection Solutions

Somerville was engaged to provide a complete turnkey protective solution to keep DHL employees safe upon their return to the offices across Canada.  We worked closely with DHL to determine what steps were required throughout each of their corporate offices.  Increasing standard office dividers to 6′ is more difficult than it sounds.  Each area provided unique challenges.  We were able to come up with rapid solutions leveraging our design and manufacturing capabilities using materials that, at the time, were very difficult to find.  The biggest trick was to come up with designs that, when the pandemic concludes, will be easily removed without leaving any lasting impact on existing furniture.

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