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Client: Deciem

Deliverables: Design and Execute a mixed material premium end cap encompassing the Deciem brand identity

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Deciem engaged Somerville to work closely with their design team to produce a permanent endcap display that gave their premium product an amazing place to live in a featured area of Ulta Beauty.

In this case Somerville’s role was to take a brilliant design provided by the Deciem team and bring it to life through various uses of materials and manufacturing processes.  The Deciem End Cap is a true example of leveraging all of our in-house capabilities including Design, Print, Metal and Plastic Fabrication, Millwork, Assembly and packing.  The scope was large and timelines short.  We were able to manufacture 770 units in just over 6 weeks.  The unique nature of the materials selected  was the biggest challenge.  Blending the stainless steel shroud with a wood structure and acrylic tiles showcased the craftsmanship of our assembly team that were held to extremely tight QC tolerances.  Often we are challenged by weight restrictions.  The Deciem End Cap could not have any part that weighed over 80lbs therefor the unit could not be one piece.  Our solution was to use light weight plywood for the core structure and the shelving portion constructed out of a one piece metal bookshelf.  The Ulta staff were provided with a detail instruction sheet and assembly video resulting in a flawless execution at retail.

Somerville is extremely grateful to work with amazing partners including Deciem and Ulta Beauty.  Stay tuned for Phase II…

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