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Who we are

Somerville is a designer and manufacturer of quality products and creative retail solutions for world-class brands. A North American manufacturer who proudly supports the local economy with a focus on social and environmental responsibility.

Our vision is to become an industry leader and create in-store experience that creates "winning" memorable consumer environment.

About us

For over 75 years, we have celebrated our manufacturing excellence by offering the most extensive design, development and manufacturing platforms in the industry. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified North American designer and manufacturer of custom point of purchase (POP) display, retail fixtures and signage. We provide creative design, manufacturing, project management, account management, delivery and installation services throughout North America for brands and retailers. Somerville's unique capabilities and dedication to outstanding service sets us apart from our competitors.

"I have enjoyed building an action-oriented executive team by fostering a culture of open dialogue and collaborative opportunity and problem resolution. By overseeing the organization’s capital equipment investments and operational needs, we continue to expand and grow the already extensive manufacturing base. My commitment to a high standard of service, delivery timelines and quality, govern our methods of operation with unrivalled personnel and technology."
- Bob Muzyka, President, CEO

We manage the full project under one roof from the initial concept design, engineering and prototyping, to installation and project management for our partners. We host a very extensive wealth of in-house manufacturing capabilities and are very familiar with rollout programs, supplying complete coordination and logistics for national and international distributions.

Our equipment is designed to run with one person. Heavy lifting devices ensure that only one operator is required to perform the task. This keeps our efficiencies high. The Equipment is world class, extremely versatile and maintained in top operating tolerances, our shop is reliable with a predicable throughput. These factors help us to control production and be there when you expect us to be.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified vendor since 2007. The new standard includes significantly more risk and opportunity assessment on our part, to ensure our promises can be achieved, without fail. Our philosophy is to be a risk-free supplier and to maximize control of the manufacturing process, by owning the processes. On-site we have the manufacturing muscle to build 92% of our needs vs. others who are subcontractors/brokers without brick and mortar. This model of coordination and part integration yields far less control over timing and quality. There is significant value in our teams manufacturing knowledge and in designing products that we know can be built efficiently, reducing time to market.

At Somerville, We have long understood that we are responsible to both our customers and the environment at large. We are proud of our environmental stewardship demonstrated through our innovative design and responsible manufacturing processes. As the first ISO certified 9001:2015 display manufacturer in Canada we are proud of the quality we have been able to provide our customers for over 75 years. A recipient of the Recycling Council of Ontario's 3R Trendsetter Award, our waste diversion rate is 95%. With a unique recycling program, we work alongside our customers to take back products at end of life and refurbish them for reuse or dismantle them for recycling. This is the cornerstone of our Green Initiative. Our commitment to the protection of our eco-systems has also led us to meet the stringent requirements of FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certification. This allows us to provide our customers with products bearing the FSC Mix. Through integrated environmentally sound processes, energy conservation, and excellent health and safety practices we work towards supporting our team and community.
(FSC license code FSC-C130175)

Somerville is an active member of the Recycling Council of Ontario, and a recent recipient of a “3R Trendsetter Award”. This not-for-profit organization educates all members of society about the generation of waste and the more efficient use of resources.

In 1998, Somerville began a unique recycling program with the Ontario Lottery Corporation, which has been expanded to include the Atlantic Lottery Corporation. This has been the cornerstone of our Green Initiative. All lottery merchandisers and playstands are collected by Somerville’s installation team at end of life for return to our warehouse. Items are evaluated for refurbishment or complete disassembly and recycling, thus reducing thousands of tons of waste to landfill and greenhouse gas emissions. No other display provider offers such an extensive recycling and re-use program, and this unique initiative truly sets us apart.

Support of our local community is part of our everyday culture. We feel it is our responsibility to contribute to and give back to the people and environment that we work in.

Somerville has developed a liaison with the local school board that offers collegiate level students the opportunity to enter into a co-operative education work placement program. This allows students a real-life chance to try out a variety of job skills that supports their education – through active mentoring with staff members, we have been able to extend the program to support those students with special needs.
We have been a proud sponsor of Centennial College’s international business program for many years, committing $30,000 in scholarship funds to the institution. Three students annually receive the Somerville Scholarship awards that recognize and support high-achieving students. Somerville accepts several co-operative education students each school semester, many of which have received permanent positions with the company. Their international skills and business experience strengthen our capabilities and support our diversity.”

Annual charitable fundraisers support many aspects of our local community, as well as donations and on-going sponsorship of a nearby family shelter. Wherever our staff sees a need, they are ready and willing to pitch in and help.